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Estate Sales & Liquidation

Red Aprons Estate Sales services include an in-depth complimentary consultation. We’ll sit down and get to know you and your unique situation. Then we'll take a tour of your home to assess your estate. Then we’ll detail how we will work to maximize the proceeds from your sale.  Our pricing method is designed to maximize the value of your items. From the time the process begins, to the final settlement and clean out arrangements, we communicate with you throughout! We are professional, ethical and courteous, but most importantly, sensitive to your needs!

estate sales johnson county

The estate sale process typically takes a minimum of two weeks from contract to completion. When finished, you are left with a ready-to-sell home. Use these helpful guidelines to get started.


Before you call us.

  • If possible, have all relatives go through the home and select sentimental items they would like to keep and remove them from the property.

  • Find and remove all tax returns, family photos, bank statements, personal documents, etc. Don't worry about finding them all, if we discover any, we’ll save them for you.

  • Don't clean, organize or throw anything away. That's part of our job and we'll use our expertise to determine what will or won't sell at a sale.

  • Leave the utilities on. We need gas and/or electricity for heat, electricity for lights and air conditioning and water for cleaning. It is also preferable to have a live Internet connection.

When to call us

  • The home is vacant or going to be vacant soon. (No people or pets). Setting up an estate sale is a massive disruption to anyone living there, and it’s much easier on everyone if the home is empty.

  • When the owner or executor of the estate can meet with us at the home, answer some questions and can sign a contract, call us!

Our initial visit

  • There is no charge for our initial consultation.

  • If you have enough property for an estate sale, we'll discuss the timing and the rest of the process from there.

  • We work on a commission basis; usually between 35% and 50% depending upon the final value of the estate. 

  • We work hard to maximize the value of your estate. Working on commission, the better we do, the better you do!

Setting up the sale

  • The process begins with us bringing tables, displays, linens, cleaning and pricing supplies to your home.

  • Items that need to be cleaned will be cleaned. We will then display the items in your home much like a trendy boutique.

  • We will have a central table for small or expensive items, fine jewelry and such. 

  • We stage the sale with security in mind as well, one entrance and exit. Customers must pass the register to enter and leave.

  • To maximize your sale proceeds, the pricing of your items will be set by our Sale Manager with unique and potentially valuable items professionally appraised and priced at a current fair market value. This process can take a team of four up to a week or more of preparation.

The Sale!

  • Our sales are typically two or three days in length. 

  • Our sales are held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. normally on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • We staff the sale with enough help to serve our shoppers, assist with heavy items and keep an eye on your belongings.

After the Sale

  • We will remove all our supplies that we brought into the home.

  • The remaining unsold items of use are typically donated to local charities and your estate gets the tax write off.

  • Optionally, we can remove all trash and leave your property in a “broom clean” state. Then you are ready to list the property for sale with your Realtor.

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