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Our Process

We’ve been through this with our own family, so we understand the importance of comforting your loved ones throughout this process. Dealing with someone’s estate is a very personal and delicate situation. We pride ourselves in treating our customers with respect, honesty, flexibility and understanding.


Our initial visit

  • There is no charge for our initial consultation. 

  • We will get to know you and the reasons for having a sale. If you have enough items for an estate sale, we'll discuss the timing and the rest of the process from there.

  • We work on a commission basis; usually 35% - 50% depending upon the final value of the estate.

  • We work hard to maximize the value of your estate.

  • Working on commission, the better we do, the better you do!


Preparing for the sale

  • To promote your sale, we will take digital pictures of key items as well as pictures of grouped items. We will post these pictures on numerous social media and Estate Sale marketing websites. We will also email details about your sale to our list of customers who regularly follow our estate sales. In all, thousands of potential buyers will be notified of your sale.

  • We will provide all necessary supplies such as tables, shelving, linens, cleaning and pricing supplies to the property.

  • We will clean your possessions in preparation to display them.

  • We will display the items in your home - much like a boutique. 

  • Items that need to be cleaned will be cleaned and professionally displayed.

  • We evaluate each and every item in your home and mark each item with a price.

  • Unique and potentially valuable items will be individually researched by a certified appraiser and priced accordingly.

  • We stage the sale with security in mind as well. We will have a display case for small or expensive items such as fine jewelry. Shoppers will use one entrance and exit and customers must pass the register to enter and leave.


Sale Days

  • On the days of your sale, we will place signs in your neighborhood and on busy nearby streets in order to direct even more traffic to your sale. We will also place respectful no parking signs on one side of the street near your home to help mitigate traffic disruption for your neighbors.

  • During the sale, we constantly straighten and re-arrange items to keep your items attractive to buyers. We will staff the sale with enough help to carry heavy items to shoppers’ vehicles and keep an eye on your possessions.


After the Sale

  • We will remove all our supplies, tables and items that we brought into the home.

  • Remaining items will be donated to local charities and your estate gets a tax deduction. 

  • Optionally, we can remove all remaining trash and leave your property in a “broom clean” state; ready to list the property for sale with your Realtor.

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