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Senior Relocation

Change is challenging for everyone, but for senior citizens, it can be exceptionally so. You or your  loved one might be leaving the family home where you have spent decades. Memories run deep, and emotions may run high. The next destination may be a senior living or assisted living facility or perhaps a smaller residence.

Being an adult child tasked with moving a senior parent adds yet another layer of complexity.  Today, families lead busy lives and may be scattered across vast geographic areas. You may not  live in the same state as your parents. You may lack the time or resources to help Mom or Dad  move in an organized and thoughtful way. The solution is to hire a Senior Moving Specialist.

A smooth relocation usually entails interactions with several family members, service providers, and professionals. A senior move manager can act as the point person, marshaling all the players into a cohesive team. Senior move managers are professionals who specialize in relocating elders. Their training enables them to anticipate the needs and concerns of senior citizens facing a big move. The senior moving company will typically oversee all aspects of the move from beginning to end, including:

  • Visiting the new home to measure for furniture and speak with staff if moving to an assisted care facility.

  • Determining what items are needed at their new home. Is there a full kitchen or a kitchenette   with just a microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher? 

  • Helping seniors choose their favorite items to keep.

  • Packing belongings for the move.

  • Moving their possessions to their new home and unpacking in the new residence.

  • Arranging the belongings in the new residence to make it safe, comfortable, and like home.

  • Some senior move managers may also organize the estate sale.

Good senior moving companies not only have the experience to facilitate lifestyle transitions. They also have the emotional expertise to help seniors and their families through this difficult transition. Their job is to tend to both the emotional and logistical aspects of moving for elders with compassion and integrity.

Contact Red Apron Estate Sales, LLC with any questions you have about hiring a senior move manager for your Kansas City area relocation.

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